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“The people I met at the workshop are truly inspirational and have given me the chance to share their journeys and experiences. I feel truly blessed to have shared this experience with them and to have their support and strengths to draw on.”

Francis, 2017 Graduate

“How amazing the workshop was! It opened my mind as a positive leader and helped me to rethink how I could work for our community. And mostly it was a great opportunity to meet other leaders and exchange our positive energy and passions.”

Dai, 2017 Graduate

“This workshop gave me the confidence to take my involvement in the community to a new level and am now on the board of NAPWHA. I can’t recommend this experience enough!”

Danny, 2017 Graduate

“I was inspired to embrace the next stage in my journey as an HIV advocate, especially for women. The PLDI workshop equipped me with a higher level of skill as I continue to use my voice to break down stigma.”

Heather, 2017 Graduate

"I really didn’t know what to expect nor what I would get out of this workshop.  It has really changed my life.  It gave me the confidence to find new work, make the move back to the city and to start making progress to help our community and start being a leader.  Those experiences from the workshop will last with me forever.”

Mark, 2016 Graduate

“I absolutely loved the experience and as time has gone by I’ve realised how amazing a course it is.  The Facebook PLDI Alumni network that our group wanted to purse is growing and I know it will deliver a great dividend.  Thank you to everyone who has been part of the course, whether as an advocate, a funder or a facilitator.”

DeeJay, 2016 Graduate

“The workshop was intensely challenging but also strengthening and transformational.  Beforehand I was hesitant about participating but it was hugely beneficial, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity.”

David, 2016 Graduate

"PLDI has empowered me. I feel like I am a better person for going throw the motions and getting through the weekend. I feel more connected to a healthier group of peers which I absolutely love. I live for connection and the feeling of community and connectivity that was experienced over the weekend has the potential to keep me going.”

Christopher, 2016 Graduate

"PLDI training is by far the most valuable peer-led training I’ve undertaken yet. I feel much more confident and empowered to guide, facilitate and develop other HIV-positive peers in the community. We were selected to undertake training based on our leadership potential…. Now is the time to make a difference and work together to empower others in the community."

Chris, 2016 Graduate

"The course has opened my eyes to what I can actually do and what I can achieve. What I never thought was in me; well it has been sitting in me all along. This course has bought out the best in me. Which has made me want to get out there and do more to help, to immerse myself in the community and hopefully even attend more workshops similar to this."

Jaime, 2016 Graduate

"I must admit that I was somewhat apprehensive to undertake training without detailed information about the content and format of the training. Sometimes in life you just need to take a chance, right? The training was varied and challenging, extremely interesting and fun, meaningful and thought-provoking. It allowed me the opportunity to connect with a very diverse group of passionate, intelligent and inspiring HIV-positive individuals from Australia and New Zealand in order to define what ‘leadership’ means and discuss issues of significance facing HIV-positive individuals in society today."

Adam, 2016 Graduate

"Engaging in the PLDI program assisted me in identifying values and attributes of leadership.  This was crucial for me in acknowledging and making, not only a connection to my own resilience, but how to better participate in building resilience across my community.  Not only do I have pride in what I have done, but confidence in my capacity to do more.”

Richard, 2013 Graduate

“PLDI helped me to clearly identifying my leadership style and provided me with the confidence to re-engage with my activism and advocacy work armed with the resilience to sustain myself. As a women living with HIV I am more now than I was before PLDI: I am now a meaningfully involved Eagle.”

Cath, 2013 Graduate

“Through the PLDI I learned the power of leadership, my own personal style but also the rich diversity of styles and the legitimacy of each and every individual in the movement for change. Most of all however, I am uplifted and energised by the rich, loving joy (even in the presence of sorrow) of my fellow participants and the potential yet to be realised in our leaders of tomorrow, for this my gratitude knows no bounds.”

Bill, 2013 Graduate

“PLDI has been instrumental in further developing my leadership skills. Every HIV positive person thinking about being more active in the community should have this experience. I have been able to directly use skills developed in the workshop in my day-to-day work. I cannot thank the PLDI and their fantastic facilitation team enough!”

Jesse, 2013 Graduate