Launched at AIDS 2014, PLDI™ Australia has emerged as an important program to foster leadership within the community of people living with HIV. The 22 partners and six collaborating partners who fund the program continue to invest in fostering the resilience and leadership needed if we are going to achieve the goal of virtual elimination of HIV transmissions.

The PLDI™ Australia facilitation team is made up of graduates selected by their peers who undergo a year-long three stage process of training and development to equip them with the coordination, facilitation and evaluation skills to be leaders in their fields. These committed professionals guide the participants through the weekend’s intensive training and exploration of leadership.

PLDI™Australia collaboration is quickly becoming a source of renewal and inspiration for people living with HIV. One such story is that of Stephen Morgan, an indigenous man living with HIV:

“PLDI was a great experience. PLDI identifies and nurtures the leadership potential in people living with HIV and creates mentors within community. I’ll be recommending it to all my peers in NSW. Following my graduation, I landed a job at ACON as Aboriginal Project Officer, Community Partnership and Population Programs. A bit of dream come true in terms of my professional development and personal goals to build a better community. Not only am I happy to be identified as a PLDI graduate, I am proud to be a PLDI graduate.”

The guiding council of PLDI™ Australia is made up of individuals representing the collaborating partners. PLDI™ Australia acknowledges their hard work and commitment during 2014-15 including NAPWHA, Living Positive Victoria, ARCSHS, ACON, AFAO, QPP and VAC.

“A massive thank you to everyone who has made this inaugural year such a success. PLD Australia graduates are already transforming communities of people living with HIV across the country. It’s their collective leadership that is modeling the way. Their shared commitment to challenging the process. Their individual passion that is inspiring a shared vision. Their insights into living with HIV are enabling others to act. And their growth and developing is encouraging the heart,” says Brent Allan, Chief Executive Officer, Living Positive Victoria.

PLDI™ Australia currently offers four leadership courses a year in various locations around Australia. New partners are always welcome and individuals, community organisations, businesses or agencies are encouraged to contact Brent Allan on 03 9863 8733 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss partnership options.